MPB Weekly Update 1

MEMBERS:  We will be providing weekly on the status of the Multi-Purpose Building (MPB) project.

The officers, chairmen, and member of the Board of Governors met last night to discuss several items, including the status of the new multi-purpose building (formerly called the “Cook Shack”).  As many of you know, demolition of the former Cook Shack is complete and poles have been set for the new construction.  The demolition required a demolition permit (which was acquired before the demolition).

Requirements for the new construction include an architectural drawing, a building permit, an electrical permit, a plumbing permit, and an erosion permit.  When the contract with the builder was signed, it was the building committee’s understand the builder would secure the proper permits.  Upon further review, it was discovered the building proposal placed the responsibility for securing the necessary permits on Anchor Boat Club.  The building committee is now in the process of securing the necessary permits.  The building contractor is working with the chief planner from the city, along with a few other influential individuals to streamline the permit approval process.

The poles that have been placed in the ground have to be removed so footings can be dug and concrete laid.  The net result will be an additional $1400 (however we have already appreciated roughly a $2000 savings on the work that has been done).  Labor to remove and reinstall the poles will be absorbed by the contractor.

Once the necessary permits have been obtained and the city signs off on the new footings, construction will resume.

The building committee will continue to provide weekly updates every week.  If you have questions in the interim, please contact Tim or Randy.

February Newsletter Addendum

The following article was unintentionally left out of the February Newsletter and will be printed in the March Newsletter.  Apologies to the Auxiliary.

Anchor Boat Club Ladies Auxiliary

After many, many, many years, the Anchor Boat Club Ladies Auxiliary is no longer. Due to the hard work and dedication of so many who have stepped forward to serve as officers we were able to keep it going this long. The lack of interest and support led to the decision to close it down. Over the years, the auxiliary has provided many social functions for the club and provided monetary support for many worthwhile projects within the club. If you enjoyed the beautiful flowers on the front patio and deck, you can thank the auxiliary.  We also provided many children’s events such as the Trunk or Treat, the Breakfast with Santa and the Easter party. Good times were had by all!! We provided support for the Operation Payback and many other charitable organizations within the community. We are sad to see it go. But we all agreed it was just time. We hope the Anchor Boat Club membership will continue to support the children’s parties, flower pots and any other endeavor supported by the auxiliary. Thank you for all the auxiliary members and club members who have supported us along the way. You know who you  are!

407 East Lake Shore Drive • Springfield, Illinois 62712 (217) 529-1174