April 2017 Edition – Addendum

Note from the Newsletter Chair:   My apologies to Mike Covey and the members of the Anchor Club.  Mike’s VP article (which was his last during his term) was inadvertently left out from the April newsletter.  To make things right, I have included his article below for all to read.  Thank you Mike for your service!


“Well, it is that time of the year when the weather warms up, boats get prepped for re-entry into the lake and the change of officers at the Anchor.  I would like thank you for allowing me to serve as your Vice President the past year. I am confident that the new Vice President Tim Strutz will do a good job in continuing to make this club the best on the lake.

I want to thank President Amy Reynolds, for all of her hard work this past year.  She took over the presidency when the club needed a leader and she did a great job.  Thanks Amy!!!  Randy Milligan, you
have some big shoes to fill.

I also want to recognize the membership chair, Jim Cannamela.  I have worked with him the past couple of years.  His job is a thankless and time consuming. He has done an excellent job.  Whoever takes over that job will have big shoes to fill. Maybe the new Vice President can talk him into staying.  Regardless, thanks Jim!!!

Lastly, I want to thank the Fish Fry, Spooner, Chicken Fry and BBQ chairmen for the functions we have had this past year. All have been a great success. You do not get enough credit for time you put into
these functions. Thank you Devin Phillips, John Rosa, Ken Teubner, Joe Teer Jr, Rich Marsaglia and Norm Reeves.

As, I leave you, I will say this for the last time.  It is your club, please come out and enjoy it.”

~ Mike C.

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