About Us


The Anchor Boat Club was organized in 1940 by Frank Williams. Meetings were held in his barbershop at 1431 East South Grand Avenue. Land was leased on the west side of Lake Springfield in 1942 in a residential area.

Our motor boats made too much noise (especially on Sunday mornings), and there were a few residents who complained. Therefore, our club (which was known as Victory Recreation Club) moved to its present location. Since there was another club in Springfield named Victory Club, our name was changed to Anchor Boat Club on February 5, 1947.

By then, our membership was around 67. We met evenings and Sundays to clear the ground for our first building, which was half of the front room with a patio. Each member paid for blocks according to how many members were in his family. We had no electricity, and it was up to a couple of our men to see that the “old gasoline generator”, which we had, worked so we could have lights. There was a small bar in the corner and benches around the room. When we held dances, the ladies would make sandwiches and coffee at home and bring them to the dance for refreshments.

A few years later, a patio was built on the east end of the building which is now the bar room. Later the front patio was closed in. Finally, our kitchen and showers were built.

In 2009, renovations to the west end were completed.

407 East Lake Shore Drive • Springfield, Illinois 62712 (217) 529-1174